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Customer Care

Now that you have your new beautiful Pan Pacfic Lotus Luxury Collection items, you want to make sure you keep them in the best possible shape.  Please refer to the guide below, and any other questions may be sent to us on our contact page.

What should I know about new linens?

They retain small amounts of sizing from the weaving process. The yarn is treated with a waxy substance from tapioca that helps the yarn flow smoothly through the loom. Approximately 5-10 wash cycles are needed to fully remove all traces of the sizing and for the yarn to reach full softness and absorbency.

How should I dry?

Sort by size to avoid over drying smaller sizes with larger sizes. Soil patterns also differ from size to size. BATH MATS must be washed separately from other terry items because they are 50% thicker and processing with towels will cause the towels to be damaged by heat abrasion.  Also do not overload your dryer.

Wash temperature?

recommended range 125-140Fº (50-60Cº)

High temperature drying?

Recommended drying temperature is 125Fº. Best results are obtained with a 15 minute tumble dry cool down at the end of the drying cycle. Always begin cool down while not yet fully dry.  Avoid over drying at high temperatures.

Can I use bleach?

Non-chlorine (oxygenating) bleach is preferred. Never expose product to bleach that is not fully diluted in solution.

Fabric softener?

Use adequate softener to restore lubricity to the yarn. (Too much softener may cause temporary yellowing.)