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7 Relaxing Bedroom Ideas

Sleep is essential to living a healthy life, which means that decorating your bedroom in a way that supports relaxation and sleep is also essential. Research shows that having an evening routine/ritual before bedtime sends a signal to your brain it’s time to start winding down.   Natural Elements   Everyone has their ‘go-to’ place [...]

5 Simple Tips to Infuse Your Home Bathroom With Spa Elements

There’s an undeniable feeling when you walk into a professional spa. Your body, without prompting, takes a deep breath in and out and instantly you feel at peace. Is it a relaxing scent The simple white color palette Or perfect tidiness that triggers your calm Designers, the world around, have a few fool-proof calming techniques [...]
Newly remodeled Bristol Hotel in San Diego featuring Pan Pacific Lotus luxury bed linens and terry towels

Featured Hotel : Bristol Hotel

Anyone who knows our team knows we have the opportunity to stay in some incredible, premium hotels across the country. Which means our favorite boutique hotel recommendations are pretty well vetted. After a recent stay in sunny downtown San Diego, we can’t recommend The Bristol Hotel enough. This central city boutique hotel is filled with [...]

Featured Hotel: Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Waterfront Luxury. Extraordinary Seafood Dining. Unforgettable Pacific Northwest Setting. Olympic Peninsula, Washington State   Alderbrook Resort & Spa is one of our favorite premiere Pacific Northwest destinations. This cozy but luxurious mountainside and waterfront resort perfectly captures a quintessential Pacific Northwest getaway — without roughing it.   Just two hours from Seattle, the property rests [...]

Know your cotton

Knowing your cotton is an important factor when choosing quality bed linen and terry towel products. Labels read “Made from 100% Cotton,” but what does that really mean And what should you know about cotton in order to make better purchasing decisions   Lets start with, “where does cotton comes from ” Cotton comes from cotton [...]

To Blend or not to Blend

The trend has always been towards natural fibers and all cotton bed linens, and why not  There is something to be said about sliding in between a set of freshly pressed, all cotton sheets as you prepare to relax, unwind and rejuvenate those tired muscles after a long, hard day.   But what if you [...]

So how do you know which thread count to choose?

Hands up those of you who believed the higher the thread count the better the quality the bed sheet  I’m sorry to say we have all been swept off our feet by some fancy marketing.  So how do you know which thread count to choose   The truth is, the quality and feel of bed linens has [...]