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About Us

About us

An Oregon based company, Pan Pacific Lotus specializes in the designing, manufacturing and wholesale supply of luxury Bed Linens, Terry Towels and Amenities to the Hotel and Spa Industry.

Pan Pacific Lotus has been in operation and servicing the Hotel and Spa industry for more than 20 years, gaining an abundance of industry knowledge and experience along the way, all of which has been applied to the designing and manufacturing of Pan Pacific Lotus’s luxury Hotel and Spa Bed Linens and signature LOTUS LOOP 5-Yarn Terry Towel Collection.  

All of the Pan Pacific Lotus products have been designed and manufactured to withstand the demanding nature of the Hotel and Spa Industry, while delivering an experience that is beyond memorable, adding value to each venue that uses Pan Pacific Lotus products.  

Our mission…

“Our mission is to furnish to our client Hotels and Resorts, and to their delighted guests, extraordinary woven goods and amenities of singular charm and quality — to surprise and delight the senses, and create a memorable experience associated with each stay at your establishment – and to continue to develop and refine a streamlined ordering process and a reliable and efficient distribution channel, with timely response and follow up.”

By popular demand, Pan Pacific Lotus proudly launched both the Bed Linen and Terry Towel Collections into the ever growing retail market that had emerged from customers who had stayed at one of our customer’s venues, fallen in love with our products and sought us out.  

Our customers are front and center and we strive to meet their needs in every way.

Pan Pacific Lotus is operated by a dedicated team who share the vision of the company and who drive the values of the Pan Pacific Lotus mission on a daily basis.

Meet Our Team

What our customers have to say:

Since the launch of the online retail store, the Pan Pacific Lotus brand has developed a following of loyal customers who are a testament to the superior quality, integrity and longevity of the Pan Pacific Lotus Luxury Collection.

“When I decided to purchase a new set of sheets, I knew the exact ones I wanted. My husband and I have slept on many sheets, at a plethora of nice hotels, but three years ago as I climbed into bed at The Inn at the Presidio in San Francisco I discovered the softest and most wonderful sheets I had ever slept on! I intended to look for the tag for future references but after sleeping so soundly, I forgot. Although I live across the country I decided seek out the brand and was thrilled when I called the Inn at the Presidio and they gave me not only the the brand but also the website address for Pan Pacific Lotus.  I had a few questions and Michael was so accommodating in helping me select the perfect set. He is extremely knowledgeable about the fabrics and process that goes into the manufacturing of all of their products. I can’t wait for the sheets to arrive and look forward to many nights of blissful sleep!”

– Karen Williams


“The Pan Pacific Lotus products we have been using in our communities over the past 5 years have exceeded our expectations in quality, durability and longevity!”

– Chris W, Aspen Square

“My latest order of Lotus towels was delivered this morning, and it occurred to me that I have never expressed my longstanding satisfaction with your product. I don’t believe that the unique weave and distinctive texture could be improved upon. That is why Lotus towels are the only ones my household has used since my husband and I encountered them in a San Francisco hotel years ago. We like how absorbent and mildly invigorating they are on the skin. At first I felt that forgoing colored towels for white ones was was something of a sacrifice. Now I have come to prefer white. Besides the visual enjoyment of having a lovely, clean white towel awaiting after showering, things are much simpler when all the bathrooms are furnished with identical towels. Thanks so much for an outstanding product- also, for allowing the public to purchase what is usually available only to luxury hotels.”

Very sincerely,

– Diane S.


Katherine and Lee Abraham give the Pan Pacific Lotus Towel collection the highest of marks for actually drying someone after a shower or bath!  WE have tried every towel imaginable and these are the ONLY towels that have satisfied our ‘getting dry’ issue.  Plus, the service in buying these towels has been superb.

 -The Abraham’s